MAXAL International, Inc. manufactures and supplies high quality aluminum welding products demanded by today's global market.  Our customers around the world rely on our competitive pricing, large product inventories, speed of order fulfillment/shipment and most importantly our unmatched level of product quality.  From destinations in the United States, to far reaching international locations, we can meet all of your aluminum welding product needs.

What you can expect from MAXAL's advanced weld wire-
  • Excellent soft-start characteristics
  • Minimal burn back
  • High weld bead quality with nearly zero oscillation
  • Superior feedability without birdnesting
  • Top of the line x-ray quality
  • Extend the life of your liner and weld tips

We challenge you to sample the MAXAL level of quality and you will never turn back!

MAXAL is ISO 9001:2008 Certified
**MAXAL is proud to announce our Advanced Aluminum Welding   Technology Seminar covering theory and practical applications.

Course Overview: To provide professionals, active in the design and fabrication of aluminum structures, educational support in the areas of welding technology associated with designing and welding of aluminum structures. This will include a detailed evaluation of themany aluminum alloys, their characteristics and applications, metallurgical considerations, welding procedure development, welding processes, weld design, weld discontinuities, trouble shooting welding problems and quality control.
For more information please click HERE. **